Lake side towing provides under water vehicle recovery & ice recovery in the Polk County area.

Lake Services Unlimited Towing and Recovery LLC offers off-road recovery services for all vehicles, trucks, snow machines, boats and snowmobiles, other vehicles and even ice shacks. We offer under water recovery, lake recovery and ice towing and ice recovery. Our experienced towing and recovery staff are ready to handle snow, mud and water recoveries. In additional, our specialized vehicles and equipment will ensure no additional damage will come to your vehicle. Call Lake Services Unlimited Towing and Recovery LLC now to experience our first class recovery services. We have the equipment and experience to recovery your vehicle safely from the water and minimize the environmental damage.

Roadside, Water, or Muck we'll recovery your vehicle!
Did your truck end up in the lake nearby? You don't have to worry. Lake Services Unlimited Towing & Recovery / Lake Services Unlimited Towing and Recovery LLC focuses on helping in the event that you find yourself in such a difficult situation. Our tow trucks can pull out any type of vehicle from the water.

Ice Recovery Services

LSU's Towing & Recovery provides complete water and ice recovery services throughout their service area. With a team of trained and experienced ice recovery specialists on hand Call LSU for your Ice recovery. So many issues factor into a successful ice recovery and minimizing additional damage and liability is key to choosing your ice recovery partner. Therefore, hire an experienced partner, like us that know how to most effectively extract the vehicle from the water and ice with minimal damage to the environment and private property. Call our 24 hour Ice Recovery Team now at 888-811-5753.

Reliable Wrecker Services

Lake Services Unlimited Towing and Recovery LLC make sure you're never stranded because of an accident or a breakdown.

It doesn't matter if it's 1:00 PM or 1:00 AM, when you need a tow truck we'll be there for you. In addition, our tow truck drivers are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

Above all, call 888-811-5753 today for your lake side towing or any towing needs.

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